New Schools for Chicago

We believe every student in Chicago deserves a quality education.

Our mission is to radically improve outcomes for children by shaking up the public education system. We do that by focusing on three areas: bringing top-performing charter schools to communities of high need, demanding accountability for all school models, and promoting school choice.

Charter schools.  Education that’s beating the odds.

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Search, Learn and Compare at the CharterSCALE!

Designed with families in mind, you can use our new website, the CharterSCALE, to learn about Chicago’s charter schools, see how they’re performing, and compare them to other public schools!

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Learn More About Charter Schools

Charter schools are tuition-free public schools that serve neighborhood students. There’s no testing to get in – just a simple enrollment form. And they’re among Chicago’s best. To learn more about what charters are in your neighborhood, and tips on picking a quality school of any kind, visit our section for parents, students and families here.